Royal Infidelity: A Conversation With The Kings

By El Che

I’m doing a bi-weekly guest blog with Honey Magazine. Here is an excerpt from this week’s issue:

At this point in history, it’s no big secret that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not always as faithful to his wife Coretta as he was to the Civil Rights Movement. One needs to look no further than the FBI Documentation that currently exists online as well as numerous reputable news sources and personal accounts to confirm this truth. In this piece, I [Rhymefest] don’t want to rehash old theories on why the infidelity occurred, nor do I want to dishonor his heroic humanitarian accomplishments. To the contrary, I would like to show how even through a man’s personal shortcomings, he can be the leader of his household, keep his family together and still accomplish his mission.

Stitching together some facts that I’ve gathered through reading accounts of Dr. King and Coretta, I would like to revisit what the conversation must’ve been like when Coretta first received confirmation of her husband’s infidelity. Keep in mind, the FBI sent sex tapes and pictures to her home. This conversation will be a dramatization of their interaction when he first walked through the door, probably from an out of town SCLC meeting/rendezvous.

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