Remember When Rhymefest…

By El Che

Thank you if you’ve already purchased “El Che.” I appreciate your support! To celebrate the new album I asked people to send in their favorite Rhymefest moment. I received so many stories and here are some of them. If you have a Rhymefest memory, send it to me at


Remember when @Rhymefest went to Howard College’s non-profanity show and forgot to not curse? lmao funny times


don’t have a remember when but I will tell u about the 1st time I heard Blue Collar. I was in Austin for my lil cousins funeral; had 2 make a run 2 get food 4 the fam. B4 I leave my brother hands me his ipod and tells me to listen to “THIS.” I make all my stops…fell in LOVE with Bullet and Devils Pie on the way…crossing the last intersection I was T-Boned by an F350. Last thing I heard was Rhymefest. Woke up in the hospital with major issues.

Always wondered hypothetically if I died in a crash what I wld b listenin to. lol that was 8/12/2006 Loved Blue collar ever since.


Remember when @RHYMEFEST killed the Tribe Called Quest Reunion show in Orlando. He freestyled, signed his shoe, and somehow I caught it. LOL

This one is from my video director KoneeRok (@KoneeRok).

Can I tell the story about when I was waiting for Che to pick me up to go see Die Hard and he never showed up because he ended up going to jail for 5 days then as soon he got out he he went straight to my house to pick me up to see Die Hard like it was the same day and he had never gone to jail. This was the story where his Escalade truck was destroyed by a molester van as well.

Here is my new video “T.M.S.” Directed by Konee Rok:

I hope “El Che” becomes the Soundtrack of your summer!

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