“One Arm Push Up” Challenge

By El Che

I decided to host a “One Arm Push Up” Challenge on Facebook. Since I hold the world record, I thought it’d be a fun challenge and I threw in a “Red Tape” for the prize.

Here is the first brave soul to take on the challenge Hugh Duckworth:

Josh Vineyard (aka B Boy Elusive) challenged Hugh and killed it!

Here is the original record-breaking video:

Anybody else want to jump in on this challenge? Upload your video to youtube and send it to me via Facebook or e-mail rhymefestassistant@gmail.com.

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This challenge is bananas. Rhymefest has to win an MTV video of the year for this. I love the fans who challenged Che.. The Red Tape Awards should be next.

The fingertips, deodorant, double clap, autographing of CD, the paper cutting artwork, and the
I couldn’t understand why Rhymfest got mad at his assistant when he gave him a yellow and white paper. Hit me back.

I get it…his assistant borrowed keys (2:04) , and Rhymefest got a Chicago Traffic Ticket. He was very upset during video. Did you see the anger from 2:06 to 2:12 in the video.


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