Need For Speed Race or Chase Review

By El Che

Caption: My Son Solomon at the EA Games: Need for Speed Event

Last Saturday was a momentous occasion for father and son. It was officially the first time we kicked it in the club together. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Damn Fest, you’re old enough to have a son whose old enough to get in the club? Well, not exactly. My son Solomon is 11 years old, but he wasn’t too young to attend the Need for Speed Race or Chase Event at The Debonair Social Club in Chicago. As soon as we arrived, EA (Electronic Arts) games made sure it was all decked out. Two actual Lamborghinis were parked outside with beautiful scantily clad models accessorizing them. Of course they wanted to get a few photo snaps of me on the red carpet, which was all right by me. It was one of those rare occasions where a child can actually look at their parents as “super cool.” However, Solomon did not come to admire my fanfare. He was very anxious to get inside and see what this new game had to offer.

He actually has been playing Need for Speed since he was five years old. Hell, I’ve been playing it since the late 90s when I think it first hit the shelves. A great race car/cop chase game never gets played out. As we walked into the venue, wide screen TVs and Playstation counsels were everywhere. Definitely not a shortage of opportunity for anyone who wanted to play. We were quickly ushered into the lower half of the club where a suite was set up, complete with plush couches and open bar drinks. A controller was placed in my hand, as well as Solomon’s. Media cameras were on and ready to record my first experience with this game. How could they be sure I was even going to like it? The game play looked a bit complicated from the previews I was able to catch a glimpse of. As one of the EA reps coached us through the controls and mechanics of how to play – it became less scary.

In this game, you can be the officer or the criminal. As the officer, you have an array of options at your disposal to corner your suspect. You can call in choppers to mark his whearabouts & slow him down, or even create road blocks. As the criminal, you can dip off into wooded areas and wait for the officer to pass you as you turn around the other way for the quick getaway. The whole point of the game is simple – create distance between yourself and the officer before he damages your car and arrests you. My first go around, I was the criminal. It seemed very easy to get away – especially when you first play the game – dipping off, spinning around, hitting the very quick “boost” that your car is equipped with. As play continued, and Solomon became more comfortable with the control, everything became more even, until eventually, I found myself being arrested with every escape attempt.

There have been a lot of race car games hitting the shelves lately. I can comfortably say, Need for Speed Race or Chase is the most fun. It hits the shelves in November. Solomon and I played the game for at least two hours before we separated and played other people. Altogether, about 3 ½ hours at the club playing Need for Speed isn’t bad for your first time at the club.

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Ha, cool readm. I havnt played a NFS joint since PS1 I think. Maybe I need to get back on this if its like that.


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