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rhymefestfeb09How did you receive the last piece of music you’ve heard? Did you buy a CD and bump it in your car all the way home, were you in the club dancing up on a hot-ass chick like, ‘Oh shit, what’s that the DJ just throw on!’ Or did you download it for free on your laptop, listen to 15 seconds of it going bink bink boink through your weak-ass speakers before you deleted it from your drive and your life forever.

I admit the first time I heard Kid Cudi’s “Day N’ Nite” it was through my weak ass Mac book. I was like ‘man this aiiight.’ Honestly I made it 59 seconds through the song before it got cut and deleted. Later in the week I found myself in a high brow New York night club and the same record got thrown on I lost my mother fuckin’ mind (In a good way). ‘What the hell is this it kind of sound like that song I had on my computer the other day, but better! Did they remix it?’ I had to even ask the DJ whether it was a newer version. To my surprise, it wasn’t. It was the same song I listened to two days ago on my weak ass Mac book. Conclusion: half of the people I know listen to songs off their laptop with no skull candies or professional head phones. How in the hell can you decide if a song is really good or bad like that? Are you that good of a music critic that you don’t need bass, the correct amount of treble, or the mids arranged correctly? Do we really believe we can hear a song and say yay or nay? How many times has it taken more than three listens before you came around and said, ‘Man that’s pretty hot!’ I honestly feel as though laptop listening is disrespectful to music unless your computer is connected to a bigger pair of speakers or you wear headphones as you preview new music. Some great music is all about the beat or the sound that you can’t hear through your weak ass PC. Some songs have vocals that pan from left to the right speaker that create a sort of magical surround sound. I’ll keep this short and sweet, don’t cheat yourself out of great music by using your weak-ass laptop as a crutch to hear all the newest music quicker. I’m interested on hearing your thoughts.

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