It’s Obama’s fault!

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festjuneThe other day I was watching the news and an interesting story ran that President Obama took his wife on a date using the Marine 1 Helicopter for the short flight from DC to New York. “What a waste of taxpayer’s money!” One conservative yelled out. As another cried, “GM is going into bankruptcy, and Obama & Michelle are having steaks in the village.” You know, after a little over 100 days, I tend to agree. So here is a little list of a lot of other meaningless things that we can blame Obama for:

  1. My wife walked out on me. It’s Obama’s fault, why does he have to be so good to Michelle in pubic?
  2. The black dropout rate & incarceration rates are still at an all time high. It’s Obama’s fault, he was supposed to give us reparations.
  3. Judge Sotomayor will soon be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Hispanics are still taking our jobs! It’s Obama’s fault!
  4. I shot some nigga because he tried to charge me $11.00 for a dime bag.  It’s Obama’s fault! He gave the banks a bail out, what about the neighborhood drug dealer?
  5. I couldn’t get a haircut the other day. It’s Obama’s fault! He should pass a bill to keep barbershops open on Mondays.
  6. My father said I was accident. It’s Obama’s fault! He wasn’t born soon enough to be an example to my father.
  7. My girl pumped her arms up and she’s stronger than me now. It’s Obama’s fault! He shouldn’t let Michelle bear her arms. She could get stoned for that in some muslim countries.
  8. I can’t blame being unemployed on racism anymore. It’s Obama’s fault. He shouldn’t have the best job in the world based solely on his qualifications.
  9. Every nigga on my block got a Cadillac now. It’s Obama’s fault! He shouldn’t have given GM a bailout and made them liquidate vehicles. It ain’t special no more!
  10. My Obama Chia Pet Afro won’t grow. It’s Obama’s fault! He stole all of the seeds inside so that they couldn’t just pimp his name with black figurines.
  11. My pastor can’t preach about Jesus anymore. It’s Obama’s fault! Everybody treats him like he’s the second coming of Christ.

    That goddamn Barack Obama, what will he do next?

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Dammit Obama! You screwed us up on 4, 5, 8, 9, and 10!

While I am going to try and become President of the United States and show Obama how it is done. Dont talk about it be about it.


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