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By El Che

Last week, while visiting Whitney Young High School in Chicago, Illinois, I had a great discussion with High School students about being feared vs. loved, what makes a great artist and the importance of independent thought vs. group thought. I was so inspired and the conversation was so good, that I wanted to continue the conversation and make myself accessible to youth. In this group we will discuss music, politics, and other issues affecting teens. Feel free to ask questions and pose discussion topics. As I said in class, I really want to inspire young people to be critical thinkers and original thinkers. This group is for any and all High School students. If you’d like to join for free click here:

Each week, I will upload a new “Sound Check” video where I address members of the group. Members of the group will be invited to special events and opportunities and the first 10 people to post a response to last week’s question will be invited to a special Album Listening Party! To view the first video, click here:

For more information e-mail

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I just wanted to say this plus that NPR interview shows that you are operating from a different boss when it comes to how you see the world. I dig this. “I like to be the rock.” That made my moment and I used that reference through out my day.

You will have extreme success all because of your thinking.


By Stefan Porter on May 9th, 2010 at 4:48 pm

Glad to see someone who can make a difference, make a difference.
Although we’re independent thinkers, we think the same brother.
keep it up.


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