El Che & The Frat Boys

By El Che

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As the huge bus was packed and the tour rolled on. I knew that for my next stop I would need to up my energy a bit. From everything that I’d read, the next place that we were staying was a huge house with 4 – 5 guys and still enough space for Rock and I to have our own rooms. Whenever you get a big group of roommates that agree to let the rapper and DJ in, it usually means that we’re going to be the house band. The request for us to stay came from a guy named Big Hop, so imagine my surprise when we arrived in Raleigh, North Carolina and a scrawny white boy with his hat cocked to the side popped out like, “ What up Yo!” My first five words to him were, “Nigga, you ain’t that big.” I love the look on white people’s face when I call them a nigga. Sidebar: The other day after a show, a young white girl came up to me and said that I made her as a white person feel uncomfortable with my use of the word cracker. My immediate thought was, so every time I said nigga that didn’t bother you? I use the term nigga very liberally. Any race or any body can get it. More about that later.

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Big Hop wasted no time in grabbing my luggage & swinging it in the back of the SUV. Oh this guy’s excited huh? Still a little exhausted from the rigors of touring, I tried to engage him in small talk that seemed to fall flat on my part. While this is shaping up to be the adventure that I counted on it to be, I wonder if my hosts think about the fact that for them this is a new experience, but for me it was like the 24th person’s life I was crashing into. When we got to the crib, the first thing I saw was a whole group of white boys strewn around the living room. We were greeted with the standard “Hey, what’s up bro,” as Rock and I entered the front door. Goddamnit, a frat house! Not a frat house in the sense of a college campus with Greek letters on the door, but definitely in terms of this is the fun house. They explained to me how they all worked and shared in the rent. The housing market in North Carolina has low prices with nice square footage.

They guided me to my room and they said the three words that relaxes me the most “We have wifi.” I responded, “Ok great! Let me unpack and I’ll be down there in a moment.” I shut the door, jumped on the bed, opened my laptop and started watching South Park. Hey, it’s already four of them and DJ Reddy Rock makes five. Hopefully they’ll break out the weed and forget that I’m here. It’s been so long since I’d had any me time, and I desperately needed it. Five minutes later, boom, boom, boom. “Yo bro, what’s going on, come on down!” Dammit, they remembered I was here. I took a deep breath, went into my Obama Please Everybody zone, and stepped out with a congenial smile on my face. Big Hop said, “Ay Bro, we got a gift for you,” walked me into the kitchen and had a brand new huge bottle of Henny. I’ve never seen a bottle of Henny like this, it had Christmas decorations on the imprint and everything. These guys want me to get drunk and act crazy, I see it coming.

One of my good friends Phonte from the group Foreign Exchange was in town performing for a Red Bull event, so we all had to pack up to try to catch his show and then head over to mine which was around the corner. As we packed in the SUV 7 deep, after one of their other friends arrived, Big Hop made sure to grab the seat right next to me. That’s when it started. “Ay, when you helped Kanye write Jesus Walks…” Before I could pop out an answer, five more questions popped out at me, “How old are you really?” “Are you and Wale still on the same label?” “You got two kids, how’s your little girl doing?” “You still married?” “When’s your album coming out?” I screamed, “Hold the hell up!” Turned on the inside car light, and replied, “Goddamn nigga is you autistic?” His boys started busting up laughing, as the one in front named Jesse said, “Fest, you nailed it on the head, we tell him that all the time.” Big Hop shot back, “I don’t give no fuck. It’s not everyday that a person can have an artist like you in their midst. So I’m gonna take this opportunity to find out everything I want to know.” And actually, once I thought about it from his perspective, he was right. I owed Big Hop his answers. “Go head man, shoot, I got you.” 46 million answers later, we arrived at Foreign Exchange’s Red Bull Show. As usual, they laid it down. I must say this, before the rapper Drake was even a sparkle in the public’s eye, Phonte been laying down this singing, rap ship better than anybody. Yes even Lauryn Hill in my opinion, go check him out.
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We arrived at the Rakim show with me and my crew of Frats, where we bumped into a half-drunk head of security that put into question whether or not I was Rhymefest, or even had a right to be backstage. Once I spoke to the club-owner and informed him of our mistreatment, he had that alcoholic prick stocking our backroom fridge with all the beers we could drink. We all decided to give him the nickname Tramp Stamp, because as he bent over to stock the fridge, we noticed a tattoo on his lower back. I looked at Big Hop and whispered, “Did you see that?” Everybody fell out on the floor, as Tramp Stamp turned around and said “What, What’d I do, what’s so funny?”

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After the show, we were on our way to Ihop. Things got a bit quiet as the driver Timothy said, “Bust a rap for us man! Entertain us, what the fuck?” I was like, “Nigga, is you crazy? What the hell I look like, your dancing monkey?” Yeah, I know with me sometimes things can sound a bit more racial than I actually mean them to be. I’m like Malcolm mixed with Martin. I really want to integrate, but I don’t take no shit. But funny enough, white folks ain’t as scared of us as they used to be. So it actually makes for a good time. Timothy replied, “Hell yeah I want you to dance, what do you think you’re here for?” Rock and I had to laugh at that. OMG, I think I’m starting to love these guys. We hit the Ihop. Talked crazy to each other and took flicks with the waiters and waitresses who dipped in and out of our conversation, wishing that they could be a part of our group. Yeah, they may not have known who Rhymefest was, but they knew it was somebody important. We got back to the crib, Big Hop let me hear his music, which was actually one of the best pieces of hip-hop I’ve heard in a long time. He attempted to do a song with me that night, but he tried to cheat. You know, put me on something he already recorded and make me write a new verse to match his hot sixteen. Naw, if we do something you got to write it from scratch like I’m finna write from scratch. Skip all that, Man I burned Rhymefest on a track he wrote thirty minutes before he had to leave and that’s just how it happened. We were still up partying, joking and having fun right up until we had to leave. Oh shit! I never got to crack open that Henny. As I tried to slip it in my bag, they said “Naw bro! The Henny is strictly for the house. Either you drink it here, or leave it here.” Hey I understand that! I’d feel the same way if I was a resident of a frat house. Shout out to the Frat House Roommates: Timothy, Jesse, Garrett & Brian.

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this was a dope read. funny as hell.

By Chuck Dizzle! on November 25th, 2009 at 8:54 am

Damn son! That’s how you bring it all to a head! Well, the tour is done…To all Fest and Rock spit with, spit on, shot the shit with, and shitted on…its been a hell of a ride! For some reason…I feel like, this isn’t over? GET THAT EL CHE DROPPIN MARCH 2010!!! lmao…but for real F’n with Che & Rock got my strength up! SUBSCRIBE NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! peace.

I love the look on white peoples’s face when I call them nigga.(this is true)-LMBAO!

By Chuck Dizzle! on November 25th, 2009 at 11:24 am

@Rhymefest Sidebar: The other day after a show, a young white girl came up to me and said that I made her as a white person feel uncomfortable with my use of the word cracker. My immediate thought was, so every time I said nigga that didn’t bother you? I use the term nigga very liberally. Any race or any body can get it. More about that later.

When you gon get on that?!? lmao!!!

By Chuck Dizzle! on November 25th, 2009 at 11:25 am

& u still look made for TV…ole Theo homeboy look ass nigga! peace.

Hey Fest what up! Yo this is J-Saint, I was to serve as your host for the November 14 show in Harrisburg, PA. Just so the readers have a little background of the evening, I’m going to inform them…Rakim and Rhymefest didn’t make that show due to the tour bus breaking down in Va. Man, I was bummed…I’m an artist too and I was set to open for the duo that night as well. And as you would expect from a team of guys who have been on the road for weeks and are exhausted and most likely frustrated due to the bus issues, we weren’t informed until a couple of hours prior to the club doors opening that the show wouldn’t happen that night. But shit happens and the evening turned out to be great, I ordered the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight, had a party at my crib (about 40-50 people came) and we rocked out till about 6am. Now my question for you (Rhymefest) is this bro…are you coming back with Rakim on December 19th for the rescheduled show? Will you need a place to stay if you are? Funny, you compare Rakim to “John Lennon” and I agree with you. I have a framed poster of John Lennon in my bedroom that came inside the original Imagine album…that dude, was in my opinion the most phenominal song writer in history as Rakim in my opinion is the best MC in history. I also see your views regarding honor and hear the “real” talk in your songs and honestly that’s what I love about you man. So please, can you or Donnie hit me up and let me know if you’ll be here on the 19th and if so, I’d still like to serve as your host homie, I really spent a lot of time preparing my home for you the first time around and would hope I didn’t do that all in vane. Thanks!


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