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Rhymefest tribute to Michael Jackson on MTV

Tweet MTV Shows “We took the best of Mike and the best of Rhymefest and blended it together,” the MC says of his “Man in the Mirror” mixtape.

Another Subway Tragedy

Tweet 1- Correction: In Tuesday’s blog I said that the man was older in comparison to the teens. I never suggested that he was an elderly man, his actual age was about 30 – 33. Most likely if he were a senior, no one would have simply stood around and watched. I think that’s interesting. […]

We All Watched

Tweet Last night, two friends and I were riding a New York Subway to a studio session with Lil’ John. As we approached our stop a group of about five black teens (ranging in age from 12 – 14), got into a verbal altercation with an older African man. As their voices escalated, no one […]


Che Smith is a revolutionary artist, writer, and activist. Popularly known as Rhymefest, the South Side Chicago native has been a trailblazer in music, television, and politics.