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The Pulse’s Yaya Martinez Interviews Rhymefest

Tweet You can follow Yaya on Twitter @yayamartinez. Enjoy the audio! El Che is coming 5/18/10

El Che Album Cover

Tweet Photo by Virgil Solis This is the album cover for “El Che” slated to release in early summer of 2010. Let me know what you think. I’ll hit you with the playlist soon!

Eli: The Only Black Man Left

Tweet Just saw The Book of Eli. A movie that is more introspective than it is adventurous. To make a long story short, Eli, played by Denzel Washington, has to protect the bible, from a bogus ass would be evangelical who would like to use the bible as a weapon to gain control of the […]

I Pity the Fool Who Tries to Play Mr. T

Tweet I’m really excited about this movie. I recently spoke with Common who told me that he was originally tapped for the part of B.A. Baracus, I said “Oh Lord God, please tell me you turned it down,” and now we can all see he did the right thing. Mr. T’s part will be played […]

Comic Movies Coming Out

Tweet The new year promises a lot of dope comics hitting the big screen. This one in particular is one of my favorite reads although I question the choice of Nicolas Cage as the father of Hit Girl. After all he was horrible in Ghost Rider. If you can, go check out these comics before […]

Entering The Conversation: Black Relationships

Tweet Author: Donnie Boyd Entering The Conversation: Black Relationships ABOUT HILL Two weeks ago, I started reading The Conversation by Hill Harper. At 43 years old, Hill has a degree from Brown University and two degrees from Harvard including a law degree & a Master of Public Administration. He broke into TV in 1993 and […]

“Give It To Me” Winner Announced + New Video

Tweet Rhymefest Picks A Winner of The “Give It To Me” Contest from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

Reality Bytes – El Che on the Rakim Tour

Tweet Check out the video below where I sat down with The 54 Reality Show to share my thoughts on hip hop & revolution.

Wolves in Conscious Clothing

Tweet Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to continue our journey through my experience on the Motorcycle Diaries Tour. After a hell of a time in Raleigh, NC, my spirits were up again and ready to take on Virginia. My host Duron Chavis a.k.a. Manifest seemed very eager for me to arrive. I […]

El Che & The Frat Boys

Tweet As the huge bus was packed and the tour rolled on. I knew that for my next stop I would need to up my energy a bit. From everything that I’d read, the next place that we were staying was a huge house with 4 – 5 guys and still enough space for Rock […]


Che Smith is a revolutionary artist, writer, and activist. Popularly known as Rhymefest, the South Side Chicago native has been a trailblazer in music, television, and politics.