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Cornel West and El Che

Tweet It is vital that you take 15 minutes out of your day and listen to the conversation between Dr. Cornel West and El Che. We discussed drug culture in hip hop, Curtis Mayfield and you. (click here to download the file with Zshare)

We All Watched

Tweet Last night, two friends and I were riding a New York Subway to a studio session with Lil’ John. As we approached our stop a group of about five black teens (ranging in age from 12 – 14), got into a verbal altercation with an older African man. As their voices escalated, no one […]

Laptop Music

Tweet How did you receive the last piece of music you’ve heard? Did you buy a CD and bump it in your car all the way home, were you in the club dancing up on a hot-ass chick like, ‘Oh shit, what’s that the DJ just throw on!’ Or did you download it for free […]

The Present is a Gift

Tweet The other day I received a MySpace message from a fan informing me that they tattooed four bars from a verse I spit on their arm. The song was “Never Can Say Goodbye” featuring Talib Kweli from the Man in the Mirror dedication album. At first I was flattered that someone would think anything […]

El Che The Man

Tweet Today I would like to announce to the world that all conscious rappers are not made alike. Because Kanye may dress, act, or rap a certain way—doesn’t mean Common adheres to those same interests. Because Talib Kweli talks about his duty to his family life doesn’t mean he can’t have as good a time […]

Part 3: Straight Talk

Tweet homophobia |,hōmə’fōbēə| noun an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people. First and foremost, I am a heterosexual black male who believes that strong family and love is the base for any effective revolution. Recently, I’ve been receiving criticism for what is viewed to be homophobic rhetoric.  Upon reading the definition of […]

Part 1

Tweet El Che the MOVEMENT… Greetings to the ten people who still practice the lost art of what earthlings call reading. From henceforth you shall be known as my comrades. And I, as your informer, shall report to you every week the goings on of this culture we call hip-hop. Generational Respect – Hip Hop […]


Che Smith is a revolutionary artist, writer, and activist. Popularly known as Rhymefest, the South Side Chicago native has been a trailblazer in music, television, and politics.