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Another Subway Tragedy

Tweet 1- Correction: In Tuesday’s blog I said that the man was older in comparison to the teens. I never suggested that he was an elderly man, his actual age was about 30 – 33. Most likely if he were a senior, no one would have simply stood around and watched. I think that’s interesting. […]

It’s Obama’s fault!

Tweet The other day I was watching the news and an interesting story ran that President Obama took his wife on a date using the Marine 1 Helicopter for the short flight from DC to New York. “What a waste of taxpayer’s money!” One conservative yelled out. As another cried, “GM is going into bankruptcy, […]

Crack Parents of the 70s, Crack Babies of the 80s & Club Kids Now

Tweet 1970s After Vietnam, many black soldiers came home addicted to heroin and alcohol, a habit which many of them formed in the jungle just to keep them sane during the 24 hour gun battles. This became big business for the neighborhood drug dealer yet reeked havoc and was the beginning of a crisis for […]

Destroying Black Radio or Protecting Performer’s Rights? You Decide.

Tweet It’s funny how the things that you’re passionate about can be nonexistent one day, but the next consume your existence. Recently, I was introduced to an issue on performance artist’s rights. A bill entitled HR 848, sponsored by Rep. John Conyers passed through the Judiciary Committee last week to ensure that radio stations pay […]

Ask Rhymefest

Tweet 1. How can you tell if an emcee has lost touch with what’s real? You pose a very interesting question seeing as though I was just speaking with someone about the same issue this morning. Just because an artist is commercial, hood, or pop doesn’t mean they are not being sincere. Just because another […]

I Keep My Money Where the Jews Be

Tweet I received the following letter from a Jewish fan on Myspace and wanted to share his concern about one of my lines from “Exodus 5.1” from “The Manual.” First you’ll see his letter, and then my response. Let me know your thoughts. ‘Fest- I wanted to let you know that I’m a big fan […]

The Manual: Hopping Out of the Music Business? El Che’s Review…

Tweet I know my latest entry is a day and a half late, but it took that much time for me to honestly and constructively evaluate my own project “The Manual.” With a powerful intro titled “Who Is Che?” I am convinced that not all great things on albums have to come from just the […]

If You Want To Hide Something From a Nigga Put It In A Book

Tweet When I initially began this journal, I started off by saying this would be for the 10 earthlings who still practice the lost art of reading. And while I must admit that my comments at their peak have reached 61, I think most of them just came for the Subway Beat Down Scene and […]

Stop Snitching?

Tweet Last night, I was watching The First 48, a show I usually don’t have time to watch, but on this particular night it had me glued to my seat. A young mother of two was faced with the decision of revealing the location of her alleged murderous boyfriend or being charged with a crime […]

Double Penetration: Women in the Entertainment Industry

Tweet About two weeks ago, someone on Twitter asked me which female rappers did I like, which I found to be a fascinating question. I couldn’t name any off the top of my head. I had to scroll through a list of women throughout rap’s history from 1989 until now just to come up with […]


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